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About Emily 

Ever since she was little, her art has served as an immeasurable source of positivity and happiness. No matter the medical challenges she faced, it is through her art that she continues to express her feelings and encouragement for those around her. Her unbreakable will and determination are more than apparent in every one of her creations. Whether it's painting or sketching, her intense focus and sense of fulfillment are unmistakable. Every trademark criss-cross pattern, meticulously drawn by Emily, details every line and gradient. While the process can be time consuming, she remains dedicated to every work of art created. The finished products are cheerful, whimsical, and inspirational. Emily hopes these uplift the spirit, inspiring others along this amazing journey.

We thank you for taking this time to acquaint yourself with Emily and her wonderful art. We hope you enjoy Emily’s gallery and creations.


Emily Kim's journey as a young artist is defined by perseverance, a devotion that has seen her through multiple life-altering struggles. Born and raised in Maryland, Emily was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of three. Despite several years of treatments, her cancer returned when she was seven. Without a donor for bone marrow transplants, Emily underwent a life-saving procedure involving a cord blood stem cell transplant. While the operation was successful, Emily suffered numerous complications resulting in permanent and progressive neurological damage. But despite these setbacks and limitations, Emily continues to build from strength to strength.

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